Today the process of buying a diamond is not an easy task and in order to protect yourself and your purchase, you must verify the quality of your diamond you are buying.

The most popular and common way today is to receive diamonds certified by the jeweler himself, which is selling them. 

This method requires no extra charges from the jeweler and relying on the skillset of the jeweler to correctly classify his own merchandise and supply. (Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat - the 4 C`)  

Self-made certification may be a more common practice method to use in smaller diamonds

(mostly diamonds up to 0.25 points or a quarter of a carat). 

However, it's by no means a way to secure yourself and your investment, especially diamonds above 0.25 points or a quarter of a carat) if the time will come to re-sell your jewelry or to get them insured. 

This is why we here in Nordic Diamonds pay extra to make sure that all our customers receive 100% certified diamonds from the top geologic institutions in the world called GIA for every buy of 0.25 points of a carat and up.

The reliability of the Institut that issue your certification is super important, and just like with everything else in life you want to know you have the most prestige Institut of them all.  (simply google: "best Certification for diamonds in the world")

Every GIA certification that is made for a diamond, includes the engraving of a unique serial number from the report on the diamond itself with an extremely small laser engraving, that makes sure this report is matching your unique diamond

(This does not affect the quality of your diamond).  for more information go to Prisgaranti in our website.


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