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At Nordic Diamond

We all come to work every day because we want to solve the biggest problem in the Jewelry diamond industry today.

The buyers don’t know

What price they need to actually pay for the jewelry,

or how to evaluate them or price them. To often this lack of knowledge bring them to spend much more than the market value of the item they buy.

Our mission here at Nordic Diamond

Is to make the Diamond jewelry economy and industry more transparent.

Certificates for the diamonds

Usually, perdus by the jeweler instead of a third-party well recognize organizations like GIA . Another problem is that there is a bad perception that Diamond jewelry is too expensive and unaffordable to the regaler guy or gal, this is a fall assumption especially in the global market we have today. 

We operate in the heart of Denmark 

Where we have our workshop, logistics, and distribution operation center (in the video)  to give all our products the perfect treatment that it deserves before we shipped it to your doorstep.

Today we provide

The most affordable jewelry Diamond in Denmark.

We want to make this information available to as many people as possible (not just the top 5%).

In order to mack this dream a reality we use the best Diamond & Gould suppliers in the word from Tel Aviv to Abu-Duby, New York & Antwerp, we are 100% committed to bringing you the best price and quality certified diamond and jewelry in the market. According to statista.com the jewelry market in Denmark is estimated in a staggering amount of  1.6 Billion Dkk a year!. Nordic Diamond will save the average customer between 30%-70% of their diamond jewelry expenses. this has the potential to bring back to the consumer pockets a mind-blowing amount of between 497 Million -1.1 Billion Dkk!  every year!

You are more than welcome

to come and say Hi at any time.


Nørregade 6C, st., 7100, 7100 Vejle
75 73 69 65
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